Deeds Office Fees

ALL properties sold and purchased in KwaZulu-Natal are lodged and registered at the Pietermaritzburg Deeds Office. This effect the transfer of the property into the purchaser’s name at the relevant Deeds Office. The Deeds Office also charges further fees:-

Deedsweb Access View (allows Mason Inc to do searches on the property and obtain the necessary copies of Deeds and Documents to assist with the drafting of the new deeds) R78.00

Print out Fee (allows Mason Inc to do searches on the property, Persons involved etc. to ensure there are not any interdicts or restrictions which may prevent or possibly delay the transfer) R45.00

Deeds Office Registration Fee is based on the value of the Property (see table below):-

Value of the Property (R)Fee
Does not exceed R100,000.00 R39.00
> R100,000.00 < R200,000.00 R86.00
> R200,000.00 < R300,000.00 R539.00
> R300,000.00 < R600,000.00 R673.00
> R600,000.00 < R800,000.00 R946.00
> R800,000.00 < R1,000,000.00 R1,086.00
> R1,000,000.00 < R2,000,000.00 R1,220.00
> R2,000,000.00 < R4,000,000.00 R1,691.00
> R4,000,000.00 < R6,000,000.00 R2,051.00