Transfer Duty

Transfer Duty is the tax levied on the value of the purchased property or acquired in any other way (i.e. donation) and is payable to SARS. The Conveyancer applies for a Transfer Duty Receipt (TDR) from SARS which will indicate that the Transfer Duty amount has been paid or an exemption has been given, this is a requirement. Property up until R 1,000,000.00 is exempted from Transfer Duty. Below is the table for the Transfer Duty Applicable on the purchase price of the property:-

Value of the Property (R)Rate
1 – 1,000,000 0%
1,000,001 – 1,375,000 3% of the value above R1,000,000.00
1,375,001 – 1,925,000 R11,250.00 + 6% of the value above R1,375,000.00
1,925,001 – 2,475,000 R44,250.00 + 8% of the value above R1,925,000.00
2,475,001 – 11,000,000 R88,250.00 + 11% of the value above R2,475,000.00
11,000,001 and above R1,026,000.00 + 13% of the value exceeding R11,000,000.00